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I AM WE is the story of redemption, healing and freedom from the memories of horrific childhood trauma and abuse. The film gained unprecedented access to the annual “Healing Together” Dissociative Identity Disorder  (D.I.D.) conference, the first one of its kind for people living with D.I.D., formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. The film chronicles Denise “Willow” Murray’s journey along the path of discovery and recovery from a childhood so permeated with abuse that her mind created more than 40 dissociated personalities in order to survive.

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    The film is being produced with the exclusive support of Harvard Medical School's, McLean Hospital. Willow participates on-screen in their groundbreaking brain imaging research study on D.I.D. Preeminent psychiatrists in the field of trauma and dissociation will guide the audience on the fascinating journey through the D.I.D. mind, how D.I.D. is caused and how Willow can heal from the long-lasting effects of her childhood trauma and sexual abuse.


    There is no other documentary or feature film that honestly explains the experience and science behind D.I.D., while empathetically portraying the people who have it. This film will give a voice to the millions of people with D.I.D. in this country who are afraid to come out of the closet and talk about their abuse and their disorder.

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